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When do we start building? Before beginning your project, we will ensure our schedule is clear to allow for our complete attention. We also use this time to pre-order specialty materials and lock in sub-contractors timelines.

The construction phase of the project will begin with an on-site meeting between you, our project manager and our lead carpenter. This meeting will acquaint you with our construction team and allow you to relay any workday concerns. (Someone has to know that your cat stays indoors!)

The project manager will coordinate daily job site functions and will be readily available to you as questions arise. He or she is your communication relay toward ensuring efficient scheduling, cost control, and accountability. Congratulations! It’s time to build!



  • Firm CostHaving one company perform everything guarantees accurate cost information earlier in the process.
  • Cost SavingsDesign Build Remodelers bid projects daily and have a firm grasp on alternative
    materials and building strategies.
  • ServiceDesign and construction under one
    roof establishes accountability for cost and quality.
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