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How is cost calculated?
After you select your final design, we will begin the process of assembling costs for the project.

Our designer and estimator will review site conditions with you as they pertain to job drawings. They will begin to assemble room specifications based on your preferences for fixtures, appliances, finish materials, windows, and doors. Our estimator will set appointments with necessary subcontractors for on-site inspections to evaluate projects costs. These contractors are also charged with uncovering any unusual site variables (such as the walled-in chimney you never knew about). We’re dedicated to noting these discrepancies before we start the construction phase of the project, minimizing the likelihood of a future change order. We will provide you with a list of showrooms to visit for making material selections. With our guidance on cost allowances, you will be able to choose products within your budget.

Next, our estimator will assemble fixed bid costs based on proposals from the sub-contractors and suppliers as well as our own staff labor expense.



  • Firm CostHaving one company perform everything guarantees accurate cost information earlier in the process.
  • Cost SavingsDesign Build Remodelers bid projects daily and have a firm grasp on alternative materials and building strategies.
  • ServiceDesign and construction under one roof establishes accountability for cost and quality.
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