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How does Design Build work at Buck Brothers?
Working with our design team offers continuity and convenience to your process. The close working relationship allows us to more quickly and accurately find the best match between dreams and reality.

Our designer will visit with you on-site to take measurements of the existing space and to explore your thoughts on the design of the space (through conversation, magazine photos, your sketches, etc.). After this fact-finding mission, the designer will generate concept design solutions. For each of these schematics our estimator will provide initial cost assessments and compare them to the original ballpark pricing. We will then present you with these concepts and costs for your appraisal and feedback. This process will lead you to selecting the best design.

What if we have our own architect or designer?
If you have previously retained someone for design, we will work with that individual to gather specifications for the project toward developing a final design. Over the years we have worked with architects and designers as part of the team to bring a project to completion.



  • Firm CostHaving one company perform everything guarantees accurate cost information earlier in the process.
  • Cost SavingsDesign Build Remodelers bid projects daily and have a firm grasp on alternative materials and building strategies.
  • ServiceDesign and construction under one roof establishes accountability for cost and quality.
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